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Hilukong Rusal

The Hilukong Rusal, "Unbeating Heart" in Sutsumāk, is an enigmatic artifact possessed by Kuvāl āng Sāmāan, the leader of the Vāhagla Circle. The Hilukong Rusal is a palm-sized lump of what appears to be deadiron, though its surface is patterned with dark ripples that seem to be ever-shifting. Kuvāl is never seen without the object, which he typically carries on the end of a staff made from the bones of a mute drake, securely ensconced within a cage made of its ribs. The artifact continuously exudes a thin haze of the Quietus, creating an illusion of a smoky black trail in its wake whenever it moves.   It is the symbol of Kuvāl's crusade against all living beings and his desire to bring about the end of the world so that the gods might force open the gates of paradise for him and his followers in exchange for the lives of countless others.


The origin of the Hilukong Rusal is unclear. Not even Kuvāl's most trusted inner circle members know of where their leader obtained the artifact, or how. It is only known that shortly after securing the foundations of the Circle, Kuvāl departed on what he called a pilgrimage and returned with the Hilukong Rusal in tow.


Though Kuvāl's authority is rooted in his status as founder of the Vāhagla Circle, it is the Hilukong Rusal that underpins his power. The extent of the artifact's abilities is unclear, but it is known among the Vāhaglaya that it is the Hilukong Rusal that gives Kuvāl the ability to control and tame the mute drakes. Furthermore, it is speculated that the Hilukong Rusal is capable of controlling the Quietus itself as the Quietus seemed to behave unnaturally during some of Kuvāl's addresses. Whether this is a mere coincidence is unknown as Kuvāl has yet to explicitly demonstrate this ability.
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