Kuvāl āng Sāmāan

Kuvāl āng Sāmāan is an Architect and the founder and leader of the Vāhagla Circle, an extremist sect of the Church of the Silent Ascension. He is responsible for efforts to breed Mute Drakes in captivity, selecting for aggressiveness and appetite, as well as the methodical hunting down of the Cryptmarked and is one of the very few individuals to be barred from entering both Yronroost and the Rasp.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kuvāl was born into the Church of the Silent Ascension but expressed an early dissatisfaction with the Church's teachings. Out of oblgiation, he practiced the asceticism and inward focus demanded by the Church's dogma in an attempt to suppress his materialistic streak. This was not effective, however, and Kuvāl continued to covet wealth, power, and influence.   It was during a particularly strong tombcall that Kuvāl received a revelation. He heard the voices in the silence and felt their anger. He felt their fury and resentment for those that had turned away from them, that had forgotten them. It was then that he realized that perhaps enlightenment wasn't the only way to be reunited with the gods in paradise. He had heard their wrath, felt their all-consuming desire for vengeance, and the more he listened to those voices the more he was sure that the gods would reward their faithful should their thirst for revenge be slaked.   It was then that Kuvāl resolved that he would follow a different path from his parents. He would turn outward and seek out the traitors and the non-believers, show them the wroth of dead gods and offer their souls as food for the gods' revenge.


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