Disc of the Sun

The Disc of the Sun (Il Radha Ijin in Arventiri) is an artifact of great historical importance to the Arventiri people of the Pāll-tanír, particularly to those who reside in the Ayyanesha Caliphate. It is the focus of an entire body of myths and legends and has been the subject of much controversy, not just in terms of whether it truly exists, but also with regard to the question of its ownership in the event that it actually does.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Not much is known about the properties of the Disc of the Sun except for what can be found in the related myths and legends as the Disc of the Sun has been lost for nearly three millennia, if it even truly existed to begin with. One thing most sources agree upon is that it is somehow capable of harnessing the power of the sun to both destroy and heal. Of particular note is that a number of the related myths allege that the disc can turn fallow desert soil into fertile dirt for planting crops, though the mechanics therein are never expanded upon save for passing reference to "powerful magic."


The Disc of the Sun is said to be a mystical artifact of great power discovered by the now-forgotten founder of the city-state of Elusqa. It is credited with the historical prosperity of Elusqa, compared to its neighbors, and it remained the symbol of the Elusqan royal family until the fall of Elusqa in the Second Great Desert Revolt despite having been lost to the royal family for almost two centuries by the time of the revolt.   The founding caliph of the Ayyanesha Caliphate, Sahir ar'Ayyan is said to have discovered the disc in an old vault in the basement of the Elusqan royal palace. Together with the founding caliph of the Madresha Caliphate, Madra Iqiros, Sahir used the power of the Disc of the Sun to bring an end to the Second Great Desert Revolt by dealing a fatal blow to the revolutionary leaders using the powers of the disc and suing for peace with the Dominion.

Pewter Core

The peculiar shape of the Disc of the Sun is a matter of debate among individuals who believe that it exists. Some believe that the shape of the disc somehow allows it to better channel the power of the sun and modern advances in the field of glasswork and optics has revealed that the Disc of the Sun is indeed shaped somewhat like a focusing lens.   There are others, however, who contend that the Disc of the Sun is nothing more than a shell for the true artifact hidden within. These individuals point to the rich historical and cultural record of the Pāll-tanír where brass is more commonly associated with lightning and desert storms. Instead, they posit that in the bulge of the Disc of the Sun is hidden a pewter core, the true source of the artifact's power. According to them, this pewter is none other than the molten remains of the cup that was given to Riqil which had absorbed the sun's power as a result of having to contain it.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Related ethnicities
15 lbs
1 ft. diameter disc
Raw materials & Components
The Disc of the Sun is a small circular brass disc, approximately a foot in diameter according to its description in the related myths. It is not, however, a flat brass circle. The disc is thicker in the interior of the circle than the exterior, forming an edge that is said to be as thin as a single strand of human hair, and a core that is an inch thick.


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