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Character Knowledges

Knowledges allow the player to ask questions or make actions that require a certain amount of knowledge in order to be successful. Knowledges are often prerequisites for other skills or feats.   Knowledge checks made by anyone without the knowledge set will suffer a minus five to their modifier. Checks made by anyone with the knowledge set will add the appropriate attribute modifier. Knowledges can be trained to remove the minus five. A knowledge can then be focused to add +5 to the skill set.   The Knowledges are:  

Knowledge of Martial Arts

Strength Attribute

Upon Acquisition: remove -5 penalty from bare handed attack rolls

The knowledge of how to fight with bare hands. Attacks using bare hand techniques are -5+STR without this knowledge. Once this Knowledge is gained, the -5 is removed. Knowledge of Martial Arts checks can also be made to learn about other combat techniques or discern the strengths and weaknesses of another combat technique. It can also be used to figure out how to get out of a grappling hold or counteract a specific move.

Knowledge of Tactics

Dexterity Attribute

upon Acquisition: Remove -5 penalty to trap usage rolls, tactics questions to the DM

Knowledge of how to accomplish a task, approach a problem, use a trap/grenade. Without this knowledge, players take -5+DEX to using traps/grenades. They also take -5+DEX when asking the DM for options on how to approach a problem.  

Knowledge of Memory

Intelligence Attribute

Upon Acquisition: remove -5 penalty to memory rolls.

Ability to recall knowledge or past events. Memory rolls are -5+INT without the Knowledge. Memory rolls are performed if the character tries to remember a name, an important fact, or something about the story they may have learned before. If the DM thinks that the character would know it with a DC of 10, then the DM can give them the information. If it is important, vague, or a bit of a leap, then the DM can ask for a Memory roll.  

Knowledge of Magic

Wisdom Attribute

Upon Aquisition: Remove -5 penalty from using spells

Knowledge of how to use and cast spells. Anytime a player tries to cast a spell, they must roll a spell casting check which is -5+WIS without this knowledge. Knowledge of Magic checks can also be made if a player is trying to discern something arcane about the world. Scholarship checks will be made for trying to learn spells and enchantments. Scholarship checks are also made when trying to discover what spell someone else is casting. Knowledge of Magic checks are more big picture. Trying to discern the nature of a guardian or a golem, that sort of thing.  

Knowledge of Rally

Charisma Attribute

Upon Acquisition: Remove -5 penalty from Rally checks

Knowledge of how to influence multiple people, crowds, or party. Rally rolls are -5+CHR without the Knowledge. This is my way of giving Charisma based builds more power during combat. Also adds a fun layer to role play, here is how it works. During your turn in combat, you can use Rally as an action. This action must include the player describing their intent to the DM and then role playing their verbal action. Their roll for Knowledge of Rally determines the success of their action. Excellent role playing can be rewarded by the DM by lowering the DC or allowing the action to succeed. Excellent role playing does not include, "I want to use knowledge of rally to give my teammates advantage. Go get them." Nah. Nope. I want a rousing speach like Aragorn gave before the battle at The Black Gate! Give me the feels! The effects of Knowledge of Rally can vary depending on the player's intent. This can be used to give a player or the whole team (depending on the roll) advantage or cause a change in the initiative order. This is up to the creativity of the player and the DM's discretion.   Knowledge of Rally can be used outside of combat when trying to persuade, intimidate, or otherwise coerce a large group of people. I'm talking like 20. You want to start a riot? Give me a Knowledge of Rally roll. Let's burn it to the ground!    

Knowledge of Recovery

Constitution Attribute

Upon Aquisition: Removes -5 penalty to Recovery rolls

Knowledge of how to push your body past its limits. Recovery rolls are -5+CON without the Knowledge. This knowledge is used when your health drops below 0. The Recovery roll is your fight to get up and keep fighting. The DC for Recovery is 10. Once the character rolls 10 or higher, they are active with 1/2 of the Recovery roll number. So if you roll 15, then you can fight on with 7 health. Recovery can also be used to regain health. A bit of a second wind save if you will. The character can roll up to three times for Recovery and gain 1/2 of their roll each time during combat or an encounter.


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