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The metal of Titans


Titanium is a common metal that is well known for its high strength and low weight. And there we have the first mistake. Its high strength or low weight. Titanium is stronger than steel for the same weight. If you want the same strength as steel, you can use less of it.

Un-alloyed titanium is just as strong as common steel but half the weight. Alloyed with other metals, it surpasses steel rapidly, without losing much of its weight advantage.

Titanium is not that difficult to work with, but you need the proper tools. They need to be sharp, otherwise titanium starts to gum. When welding Titanium it needs to be done in an oxygen free atmosphere. Usually this is created by covering the weld with argon or helium gas.

Contrary to almost all metals, titanium is very bad at conducting electricity and transfering heat. Never the less due to its extreme good resistance against corrosion, it is still used in heat-exchangers that handle aggressive substances, like sea water. Titanium also barely changes strength and characteristics when subjected to extreme heat or cold.

Titanium has the name that it is a rare metal, but it is actually quite well spread around the globe, it's only very difficult to get it out of the ore. It's borderline alchemie to get pure titanium.


Silvery grey
Boiling / Condensation Point
3287 °C
Melting / Freezing Point
1668 °C
4,5 gr/cm³
Common State
Related vehicles
Red Sunrise

Planning a new boat

Bobby, why are we talking about titanium?" Rose asked.
-"You asked me to find a shipyard to build us a new Sunset Dawn. I found one. This shipyard used to specialise in titanium boats. The current owners how ever are not in favour of the law, and sit on a stockpile of titanium ship building stock they cannot legally sell. Seems to me they are a prime candidate to strike a deal." Bobby answered like it was all very simple.
"And where do we find that shipyard?" Rose continued her inquiry.
Bobby smiled. "Oh, it’s a bit out of the way. It's in siberia."
Aleksey looked up. "And who owns that old Soviet submarine yard?"
"I never said anything about submarines. Or Soviets" Bobby countered.
"Only boats ever build out of titanium. Who owns the yard?" Aleksey repeated.
"They call themselves Two Stars."
Aleksey sucked in his breath. "I’m not sure you would want to do business with those guys, Cap."

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