Sir Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau

Sir Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau

Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau is the current Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. He joined the Knights at fifteen years old on his fathers advice. Being the third son, he had no change of inheriting the families business. And slowly worked himself up the ranks, learning as much as he could along the way. Now aged eighty-seven he was proud that the Knights of Rhodes once again had their own Fleet in the form of the 1st and 2nd Crusader Flotilla, formed by five small frigates of the Saint George of Lydda class, build to the specifications of the order.

Due to recent budget cuts by the Roman Catholic church, the Grand Master had moved his office to the Flagship of the 1st Flotilla Mary. And he was happy he had done so, it had been years he'd been out at sea himself, being confined by the walls of his office for the last few decades, always getting pulled into the politics of the Vatican.

Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau had just finished writing an email to Mario Roberto Captain of the Saint John the Baptist, commander of the 2nd Crusader Flotilla, Commanding them to make an end to their mission in the Gulf of Aden, as he wanted them back in the Mediterranean. So those crews could have a rest, while he with the 1st Crusader Flotilla could move to the Gulf of Guinea to do something about the problematic situation there. When he saw a new message pop up.

It was an automatic notifcation sent by the computer virus they had inserted deep into the computers of the CIA. Their code had dug up a report from a man named Fletcher about a pirate ship operating in the Caribbean. Attacking large merchant vessels.

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