Mary is a light frigate and the flagship of the Knights of Rhodes. Her primary mission is to hunt pirates.

Mary is named after; Mary, the mother of Jesus.


Due to budet cuts and to flee politics. The Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes Sir Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau had moved his office out of the Vatican and on to the Mary.

Jetski Jousting

To facility the knights annual jetski jousting competition, Mary is equiped with eight jetskis adjusted for the sport. Due to that the aft deck of the ship is a more crowded then her sister ships.

Pennant Commander 1st Crusader Flotilla by Jacob-W

1st Crusader Flotilla

In addition to the Mary being the flag ship of the Knights of Rhodes as a whole, she is also the flagship of the 1st Crusader Flotilla. And her captain Colonel Charles du Lac, is also commanding the flotilla.

Coat of Arms of the Knight of Rhodes by Jacob-W

Operational; standby
Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
Current location
11 m / 36 feet
73 m / 239 feet
900 mt / 886 Long tons
28 knots
Complement / Crew
Current 25 / max 60
2500 nm at 15 knots
3m / 10 feet

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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