Grand Master

The Grand Master is the leader of the Knights of Rhodes. Currently the position is occupied by Sir Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau.

His primary function is to lead the order trough the politics of the Vatican. Set out the goals of the order and gather funds and favours where possible. While also staying in contact with other governments, navies, and organizations trough out the world to sell their services. And to co├Ârdinate their pressence with the local law enforcement.


The Grand Master, leads the Council of Masters, which is the executive board of the Knights of Rhodes. Contrary to what the name may imply there are no other members among the Knights of Rhodes with the title Master. The Council of Masters is the name of the boar. The board consists of; the Grand Master as chairman, secretary, treasurer and two members.


In the beginning decenia of the Knights of Rhodes they called the leader of the order Master, same as many other orders. But when other orders grew and started having chapters and dependencies, they created a grand master and multiple masters. The Knights of Rhodes never grew that big, but to stay on the same level on the political theater, they changed the name of their leader to Grand Master to match the other orders.


There is no official system to appoint a succesor for the Knights of Rhodes, usually the Grand Master picks a person they find suitable and take them on as an assitant/apprentice to teach them and prepare them for the job. When the current Grand Master dies, the Council of Masters submits the name to the Vatican, who then approve the person. In the history of the Knights of Rhodes it never happened that hte Council didn't pick the person the old Grand Master had prepared or the that the Vatican disagreed.

The current Grand Master, Sir Jean de Chevalrier de l'eau is eighty seven years old, has had an apprentice for the last twenty years: Baron Uthel Blair.

Coat of Arms of Knights of Rhodes, full colour by Jacob-W

Religious, Political
Form of Address
Grand Master or Master
Source of Authority
Roman Catholic church
Length of Term
Related Organizations


The Grand Master always uses a coloured version of the Coat-of-Arms of the Knights of Rhodes, instead of the regular one. The difference is that the swords have a silver blade and gold handle, instead of being completly black. The ship on the shield has a brown hull and cream sails, instead of beign black.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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