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The lost city.

Aleksey was listening to this story teller, while he and some others of the crew of the Sunset Dawn where exploring the Pirate Festival. The story teller had a very nice voice, and Aleksey found himself dreaming of the potential treasure that could be hidden in Atlantis, and what he would do if they found it.


Atlantis is a mythical city of which it's possible past existence was first recorded by the ancient Greek. Many have since tried to find it, none succeeded.

Supposedly, it was a grand city full of fantastical things. Where the people were all smart, rich and happy. Even to this day, we as a society have not reached the supposed technical level of the Atlanteans. The myths say that the Atlanteans travelled among the stars.

Some thousand years before the start of our current era., Atlantis experienced a disaster, a flood, and disapperaed beneath the waves. Taking with it all the knowledge of their technology, and a great wealth, which is said to be in a fault beneeth the centre of the city.

The Atlanteans all died, or disappeared, with the demise of the city, and for thousants of years it was only Mermaids who guarded the treasures in the deep. But we have not seen mermaids for three hundred years. So I say it's up to us, humans, to find Atlantis. And find out what that fantastical technical knowledge was that the sagas are talking about.

And the richness, of course it's about the treasure too.


Unknown / before written historical records

Founding Date
Unknown / before written historical records
Alternative Name(s)
Island of Atlas
Inhabitant Demonym
Possible inhabitants
King Neptune


Author's Notes

Answer to the World Anvil Summer Camp 2023 prompt: 12. A settlement at the limits of the "known" or "civilized" world.

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