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Walter Mourn


Spoken of in rumors and whispers, it's said that Walter Mourn is an ex-priest of Argous. Lived in the City of Marble and everything. Until, one day, he just broke. Packed all of his stuff, fell in love with an elf, and journeyed the world for a bit. Today he is best known as "The Old Man with the Dog" who wandered into Torchwell some years back and never left.

Milton the Hound

This massive Solemn Hound has been by Walter's side since he wandered into Torchwell and intends to be by his side until their next location.
An NPC for A New Haven.

General Information

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Old Man with the Dog (Torchers only.)
Year of Birth
3012 6078 Years old
Faded brown.
None, but often wears a hat to hide his tattoo of Argous.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale as can be.
6 foot.

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