Solemn Hound


As one of the most sturdy breeds of hounds, Solemn Hounds were specifically bred to keep traveling merchants safe along the roads of the Solemn Expanse. Today they are the favored warhound of many Gravehunters against the Unfallen. They have also found their place of reverence as Crypt Guardians of Bastion.
Bred for loyalty, trained for savagery. I would rather no other beast by my side.
— Houndmaster Orotin

Player's may purchase a Solemn Hound for 300 gold at Bastion. For a statblock reference, refer to "Dire Wolf". Some additional work may be required for a breeder to trust you.


Breed only within the Solemn Expanse, these faithful hounds can be found almost anywhere there are people due to the breed's popularity within the Gravehunter's Guild. The largest population of Solemn Hounds can be found within Bastion where they are breed and used to keep silent vigil over the city.

Silent Guardians

Unlike most canines, the Solemn Hound is unable to howl or make bark-like sounds its kin is so well known for. Instead, these magnificent hounds use deep growls to communicate. Even in a playful mood, these beasts sound deadly.
History claims that these dogs once had a fearsome howl that echoed across the valleys and plains of the Solemn Expanse. It was not until one Hound dared howl within the silent capital of Bastion that their bark was taken from them. Elias struck down the breed with divine fury, removing their ability to howl. They were left only with low, rumbling growls.
As generations went by, the Crypt Priests of Bastion began to train these dogs alongside the initiates believing that Elias had blessed them rather than cursed them. With a keen intellect and unending loyalty, Solemn Hounds have been Crypt Guardians for over two hundred years.

General Information

One of the first recognized breeds within Haven that are mentioned as far back as 800 CM.
Around 10 years.
Average Height
28 to 34 inches tall, with males typically being larger.
Average Weight
Around 160 pounds.
Average Length
32 to 38 inches long, with females typically being longer.


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