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Jovu (Jō-vŏŏ)

The Blue Moon


Jovu is the lesser of the two moons of Ravare, being nearly half the size of Katter and moving through the heavens twice as fast. Its bluish-white surface appears as a smooth, unbroken marble of vibrant color that stands starkly against the inky night sky. Its orbit is considerably lower in the sky than Katter's and hangs at a pronounced angle compared to the larger moon, only crossing paths a handful of times each year. The smaller moon acts as a herald for the movements of Katter, often indicating the specific time in the Great Eye's lunar cycle. Jovu's clockwork movement reliably marks the passing of days and months on Ravare and is the basis of the Hulmetic Calendar's 28 day months. Many cultures across Ravare though speak of a time when Katter was the only moon to grace the night and many speak of Jovu as a stranger in the sky's kingdom.

Azure Traveller

The Stonekin have legends of when Jovu first appeared in the night sky, in an event known to the Udirkith as Mondkollision. Fables of the Udrithi Empire say that when the Blue Gypsy first appeared, the sky wept fire, and the very heavens rained down upon Solith as the moons battled in the heavens. Thrown from its once-high perch in the night sky, Katter now chases Jovu through the starry night in an attempt to capture the blue moon and cast it down from the sky. It succeeds only a few times each year when the twin moons vanish in the dark weeks of Moonslost before Jovu once again slips away. It is of note that the name Jovu actually comes from the Elvenkyne, who popularized the name upon their arrival into Haven. Their most ancient fables speak of how this strange moon journeyed across the stars and sky to settle in peace above Ravare. The Elves even believe that figures of myth and legend dwell upon the diminutive lunar body, watching over Ravare's peoples and sordid history. Though still often referred to as the Blue Gypsy, Jovu has become the predominantly used name for the small moon by ordinary people and scholars alike.

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General Information

Lesser Lunar Body of Ravare

Solid Bluish-White
Lunar Cycle
28 solar days
Alternative Name(s)
Little Jovu, The Blue Gypsy, The Clockwork Moon
Planetoid / Moon

Lunar Events

Moonslost - A weeklong period of dark nights occurring once every other month when Katter's new moon eclipses Jovu.
Moonsbright - A brief three day period occurring on the opposite months of Moonslost when the nearly full faces of both moons shine bright in the sky.
The Growth Moon - A weeklong period during Midflame, when the full moon of Jovu eclipses the dark half of Katter.
Recovering the lost history of the Udirkith is required to know this secret.
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