Katter (Kä-ter)

The Great Eye


Katter is the greater of the two moons of Ravare, dominating the night sky being nearly twice the size of Jovu. It's surface is a motley blending of tans and whites marred by several deep craters. The largest of which is commonly referred to as the Great Eye, and it the center of many myths of legends.
The movements of Katter are slow and methodical, its progress through the heavens is so reliable many Beastfolk still use it to determine their age and the time of year. The cycles of Katter helped define life on Ravare, from darkest weeks of the year to the brightest.
This article was created during Summer Camp 2020 and may contain out of date information.
Write a belief about Katter.
Work with Michael writing Lunar Cycle on a different article, link it from Katter and Jovu. Use same article to explain how violent the oceans are.
Do a secret about it's origin / history with Jovu.

General Information

Marbled tan and white
Lunar Cycle
56 solar days
Alternative Name(s)
Great Eye
Planetoid / Moon


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