Journey to a New Haven


The Journey to New Haven is the overarching plot of the similarly named Ethnis Lite campaign, A New Haven.
Your beloved town of Torchwell has fallen. Fallen not just to the the living dead but to the vile corruption that is Scourge and it's Blight. The plan, though simple in concept, is a dangerous one. Protected by a small Vanguard of but 2 soldiers, the remaining members of the town will be making a journey deep into Moorwald. The difficulties to be expected are the undead and even the new Wendigo threat that has arisen. But it is the difficulties unknown that truly scare the travelers.

The Journey So Far

Currently, the 9 ex-Torchers have made a small camp at the foot of a hill a days travel away from their old home. The escape from Torchwell lost them their favored mayor, Mister Harrin Tornwall, which has set the seed of chaos amongst the ranks.

Journey Plans
by Damion Otter

General Information

Plot type
Campaign: A New Haven


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