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Ingon Rust


Alongside his sinister appearance, Ingon's demeanor does nothing to help win him any friends among the Torchers. Claiming to have found knowledge deep within one of the many cracks of the Jagged Expanse, Ingon claims he resided in Torchwell purely to remain hidden from those that "Search for him by name".

Strangely Familiar

Always found somewhere nearby Ingon is a small, wicked creature made of ice and jagged stones. If asked about it, Ingon will proclaim it a lost Frost Elemental he found during his many travels. Yet the creature seems to know things it should not, muttering secrets to itself in Hulm.
An NPC for A New Haven.

General Information

Year of Birth
3053 6037 Years old
Dark brown and disdainful.
Oily black hair that is often unkempt.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, even for a Solmite.

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