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Alys Fenwick


Though she is physically Elvish, Alys was raised by a family of Solmites in one of the many villages found on the border of the Verdant and Solemn. Though she remembers her family fondly, she does have obvious regrets of not being raised by her real people. Ever since she has started to try and reconnect with her proper heritage, the people of Torchwell have distanced themselves from her. Despite this, most if not all Torchers have come to her at one point or another to get a salve or brew to fix their various ills.
An NPC for A New Haven.

General Information

Year of Birth
3057 6033 Years old
Dark, woody green.
Cut short in the way she hears the women of Wyldkeep have theirs.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale with a faint green hue.

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