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R'lyehien Language

The language commonly spoken by those who practice dark magic. This guttural tongue pulls from a primal place within all sophonts and causes unease wherever heard. Its written form is always written in sophontic blood and uses bastardized Hulmetic words twisted to suit the speaker's dark intent.


Taught only to Magi willing to pay the ultimate price, Gutterspeech is an unreadable language comprised of bastardized Hulmetic alphabet. Much of its use is based around spellcraft, enchanting, and curses but it is also known as the Binding Tongue used by Patrons to forge new Warlocks out of willing souls.
It is believed by scholars of Seawatch, that similar to Hulm, Gutterspeech is able to be instictually learned as one progresses deeper into the darker sides of magic.


Despite being fairly known to the people of Seawatch, very few Scholars have dared delve into researching Gutterspeech and its origins. Several books have been written on the topic of Gutterspeech by Scholar Rockfer Dwindle. His most prominent work, and the reason why much of the Capital knows of the language, is entitled "The Speech of Hate" and is available for purchase within novelty shops around the city.

Brand of the Awoken

Many of the more powerful, darker Magi in history have partaken in the secretive "Brand of the Awoken". It is believed that through the use of Gutterspeech, these Magi were able to contact beings far greater than the even the Exarchs of Solith.
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