Before the Fall, Farknell was a booming farming town that was responsible for feeding the various cities of the Solemn Expanse. The village faired very well during much of the Fall, protected by some elite warriors lended by the City of Marble. It came as a shock when the real threat to the settlement was not the Mindless Unfallen but the Slaver's Guild. Desperate for fresh meat to sell to the various settlements around Haven, the Guild took a grave risk and attacked Farknell in the middle of the night. The fight was bloody but quick, the only survivors that remained were the hundreds of Mindless Unfallen that easily claimed the village as their own.
Today, the ruins of Farknell are being investigated by the City of Marble as a fix for their food shortage. Unfortunately, the Unfallen under the rule of Scourge still claim hold to the place and are using it for disgusting breeding pins to keep their numbers strong.

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