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Olkedo Session 1

General Summary

Our adventurers are sent on their first mission for the Olkedo Binders' Guild: to find a late shipment of firewood. They find the man who was supposed to deliver the firewood caught in a trap in a cave. He gives them a riddle and encourages them to explore more of the cave. The group makes their way through the cave through many traps and tricks and in the final room finds a mysterious black stone with a note from Captain Stancliff Preston.  

Detailed Summary

  Brick, Toshi Ryoko, Jebedaiah Bateman, Nieve Powell start in Olkedo Binders Guild in the Guild Hall. Iscyra Oxblood, the Guild Master, has gathered the players together to send them on a mission to find a late shipment of firewood from Faversham. She suspects that a member of the Faversham Binders Guild, Flint Paelun, has taken a detour to go adventuring. Players leave Olkedo, following the road between Olkedo and Faversham. In the plains, players encounter 3 Mosstang and 1 Lightmare. Brick tries to entice them with feed and fails. Players battle them and are victorious, with Nieve catching the Lightmare. Next they find 4 Amphare, but give them a wide berth.   A little ways further they find some wagon track heading off the trail to the south. They decide to follow the tracks, which lead into the forest. In the forest they encounter an Owler attacking 3 Fragmice. Players fight them and are victorious, with Brick catching the Owler. Following the tracks further they find Adne Weiss with the wagon of firewood. Nieve recognizes Adne from Faversham and greets her. Adne explains that Flint is stuck in a trap in the cave behind the waterfall. Players decide to investigate Sunfall Cave but before they go Adne gives her a compass from Nieve’s mother, Aubriana Powell. The first room of the cave has a rock formation that resembles a table and chairs with N-E-S-W on them. Players try to investigate but before they get too far they hear a voice from further in the cave. They follow the voice to find Flint stuck behind a set of bars. Flint says he set off a trap by pulling a necklace off the wall. Jebedaiah convinces Flint to give him the necklace. Jebedaiah then gives the necklace to Nieve. Flint gives players a key and a riddle (Sunfall Riddle).   Flint encourages the players to try solving the riddle and see what’s further in the cave. Further down the corridor, they see a Spiricoot with a key around its neck. It bolts down a side corridor when it sees them. Down the corridor, players find the Spiricoot and 3 Doomwings. Players gently coax the Spiricoot into coming closer, and they take the key off its neck. They go back to the previous room where there is a wall of ice along one wall. Players discover the ice is an illusion and there is another room beyond. In this room there is a stone cube with a carving of a heart on it. In the room beyond that ther is a room with 5 paintings on the walls (dog, snake, chicken, horse, monkey). Jebedaiah goes in alone and a door starts closing behind him. Brick runs and is able to make it under the door before it closes. In the previous room Nieve and Toshi chip away at the cube until they find the 3rd key inside. In the painting room, Jebedaiah lifts the monkey painting off the wall and 4 Sombra appear, knocking the other paintings down. Nieve is able to pick the lock on the door so she and Toshi can aid their friends with the battle. Players defeat the Sombra and find the 4th key on the back of the horse painting. With the 4 keys they are able to open the door to the final room, where they find a stone ledge with a small wooden box and a pool of water. Brick investigates the box and finds a mysterious black stone, which feels magical, almost like a drajule, but different. The box also contains a note from Captain Stancliff Preston.   Jebedaiah dives into the pool and finds a pouch with 4 moonstones. He tries to fool his friends into believing he found nothing, but Nieve calls him out, so he shares them. Going back to the beginning of the cave they find Chevril Ostoroth filing the bars of Flint’s prison. Players don’t tell Flint what they found. Players and the others then head back to Olkedo with the cart. When they return, Iscyra pays them 50 suls each for completing the task. Players gain 5 xp. Toshi and Jebedaiah then head out into the forest on their own to battle and catch a Torchbug and a Wailing Willow. They each gain 1 xp.

Rewards Granted

  • A necklace
  • 4 paintings
  • A mysterious black stone
  • 4 moonstones
  • 50 suls each
  • 5 xp

Missions/Quests Completed

Olkedo Binders Guild - Find the late shipment!

Character(s) interacted with

Iscyra Oxblood
Flint Paelun
Adne Weiss
Chevril Ostoroth

Aubriana Powell
Rayne Powell
Captain Stancliff Preston
Captain Stancliff Preston's lover?

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Sunfall Riddle

Note From Captain Stancliff Preston
My dearest love has asked me to hide this thing, in the manner I typically hide things. I know not what it does, but pray ye don’t use it to inflict tragedy. The world has had enough of that already.


Episode end song: Larger Than Life (feat. Benji Jackson) by Pinkzebra.

Report Date
15 Aug 2018
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Sunfall Cave

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