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Session 2 (LW)

God of the Coast

General Summary

Unified as a party around Kenji Nakamura and the young Thread named Zoe Miyamizu , the group of eight set out upon their grand quest. Their first objective: set out to visit the Anchors of the Vestiges. These locations, spread out around the country of Ezo, are required to be unlocked by the Threads. Once all three have been activated, the group can then traverse Mount Yamato to find The Conduit. Through a ritual, this Conduit will energize the rest of the shrines that the group will encounter upon their journey across the grand continent to Kimberly.   Weeks the group traveled, coming upon many villages throughout the dense lands of Ezo. As they journeyed, they were met with many souls who sought their coutenance, and who were intrigued by their arrival. They were greeted warmly throughout. They made their way to the town of Niigata, where they came upon the first of the Anchors. A large shrine was built around a very old structure, which dated back to the First Age, bordered by a massive waterfall. Here the group met with Mori Yoshida, caretaker of the shrine, as well as Summer, a fellow Thread in the same position as Zoe. As Ren and Odd meddled around the village, Chisato shared her passions for this journey, also revealing her oddity of an arm. She claims it was met with purpose after a terrible accident, and that she was saved by The Vestiges for a task to be seen at a later date, one that would ultimately claimed her life. The group also learned more about the Threads and The Vestiges over their dinner together with Mori and the others traveling with Summer.   After departing the shrine in Niigata, several more weeks of travel followed. Eventually, the group arrived in a small town in the north of the country, where their supplies were commandeered. When queried, the mayor introduced himself, announcing that their supplies were now gifts to a "god" that had laid claim to the town from the ocean. As Kenji sought to handle the affairs with the townsfolk, the group ventured to the coastline, to greet the god that was before them. In fact, the being was a Marid, a water genassi of great strength. After tributes were given, the being determined that Zoe was a gracious prize, and took her, imprisoning her within a bubble and sending her under the sea. The group, when questioned further, quickly engaged the being without further hestitation. After a brutal combat, the being was slain, and retreated out to sea. Zoe was recovered, as were many of the supplies stolen by the being over time. Ren siphoned some of the funds away from the town, and the group made prayers before setting off once more.

Rewards Granted

Stolen supplies and gold.

Missions/Quests Completed

Activate the first of the Anchors of the Vestiges, save the village.

Character(s) interacted with

Summer, Yoshi and Miyo Kagami, Mori Yoshida, Mayor of the town, the Marid Ormos.

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Report Date
06 Jan 2019
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