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Crystal Circle Emblem

While the Crystal Circle did not go to war with their own banners, or petition locals to back their cause, iconography was of great importance historically.   The hexagon and two inner six-pointed stars represented their codependence and equal importance. If one were to remove the inner star and join the lines of the outer one, you would see a pattern not too dissimilar from "Whole Circle Linking" incantation, where all the Elemental Crystals would form white lines between them all, allowing a synergy of energies in influencing the Elements.   There was nothing specifically important about the stars except the above. By that, I mean, "stars" had no particular meaning for them. It was just a natural design step from the points of the Hexagon.  

Where was the Symbol Found?

Despite it clearly representing a primary principle in how the Crystal Circle functioned, you have to look carefully to spot its use. By nature (with a small 'n'), the Guardian Mages did not draw attention to themselves. It could be found, however:
  • Etched above the doors inside the Crystal Tower
  • On tomes and scrolls penned by current and past Guardian Mages. Though, in respect of the tomes, it was usually specialist leather- or metal-workers who bound them and featured the emblem on the Mage's request.
  • On letters sent from the Crystal Circle where a Bluebird was either not feasible or not needed.
On the rare occurance, it may be found on jewellery, but never items that contained the "primary" Elemental Crystals.
Crystal Circle Emblem by F J Brodie

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Cover image: by F J Brodie


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