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The Call of the Wild

"You can speak to your lost pets here, right?"
"None can say for sure, but we believe it to be true."
— Unknown

The Howling Lost

  Known as the Call of the Wild, this rather nondescript shrine along one of the major roads throughout Bihulling is a place of worship and rest for those that choose to honour the spirit of the Beastshade.   Set out of the way of the road within a grove of trees, the building is a plain and similarly constructed to a log cabin, albeit larger. Within its walls lie three statues, that of a lion, a whale, and an eagle. Spread out across the floor are the bedrolls of those staying there for a time, as well as empty spaces designated for others to place their own.   Torches and braziers light in the evenings, though a few are lit by hand, most seem to simply light once the brazier is flaming.   Many of the people who find themselves resting in the Call of the Wild wish to hear the sound of their lost friends. Some have been lost a lifetime, others only weeks, but the pain felt by their absence is clear to all.  

The Whispered Found

  Those who give to the altar of the Call, those who wait patiently to hear the sound of the lost once more, are sometimes gifted with the pleasant whispered echo of those who have passed through the veil. Some spend months waiting for that echo, where others might spend their lives and never hear it at all.   There is no way to be chosen to hear their echoes, there is no way to bring the lost into the world once more, but as the inscription on the statues will remind those who visit:

"They wait for you, as they always will."


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3 Aug, 2023 23:05

This brought a small tear to my eye. Beautiful <3

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
4 Aug, 2023 01:58

I'm glad to hear that. Pets are an emotional treasure, many people wouldn't be able to get far without them beside us, and they deserve the recognition at least occasionally.

19 Aug, 2023 00:20

I like the description of the place and the way it acts as sort of a memorial/remembrance place for those missing their animal friends. Is it the only place like that? Or are there similar shrines elsewhere?

22 Aug, 2023 05:03

There's only one Call of the Wild, but there are other similar places around the world. Most people tend to memorialize their pets in a more private setting, such as their home, so they're generally there for those who want to connect while traveling.

4 Nov, 2023 12:38

This is just beautiful

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