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The Beastshade

"You mean she tamed every beast in the Eight Lands, mummy?"
"Well, she sure tried, my love, she sure tried..."
— A mother & daughter

The Steps in the Wind

  Buried within the margins of history lies the stories that have been told of the one that steps in the air, the one that follows in the wake of the seas, the one that creeps through the grass unseen by all. They tell a woman capable of enrapturing even the most dangerous of creatures in her gaze. They tell of a woman who becomes one with the animals she wishes to tame, living amongst them, becoming part of them.   The stories paint an image of a woman with flowing hair, dancing through the Eight Lands, spreading her rapture to beasts as she began to wind her path through the world. None have told of armour or weapons, only that she spoke to creatures in their own tongue, trusting her wits and her wiles to be able to survive.   They say that her name came as a gift from a creature she had tried to tame, believing them unintelligent instead of uninterested. While that belief quickly changed, the creature, known simply as Caevront, admitted that he had not seen or heard her or her beasts approach his territory, something no one had done previously. Due to this feat, she was gifted the title of Beastshade, Shadowed of Paw & Quiet of Cry.  

The Breath of the Sea

  While stories all agree of her adventures, there are conflicting stories about the end of her life. Where some say that she lives even to this day, gifted an eternal watch over the creatures of the Eight Lands by the goddess Aheia, others believe that she perished attempting to tame a creature none have ever witnessed before.   Whichever may be true, the stories of the Beastshade have perpetuated across history and will live on timeless.   Her stories are told to all children across the Eight Lands, encouraging each of them to befriend the world around them, giving them peace of mind that the dangerous world may not be as dangerous as it seems. It shows them that the largeness of the world can be made smaller, that the busy paths that are walked by most are not the paths to be trod by all.   They tell that perhaps, just perhaps, they too can become the Beastshade and tame their own beasts.
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