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"They say she's in ev'ry beast 'n knows when ya done kill 'un without need! She'll find ye, she will! I swear it on me mum's life!"
— Unknown

Sight of the Beasts

  Flooding through the veins of the creatures across the Eight Lands is the essence of Aheia, allowing her to gaze through their eyes and use their senses to hold her own perspective on the world. Her creatures soar through the skies, step through the snow and soil, and swim in the depths of the seas. She knows when a life is taken without cause and knows when to provide life to those who need it the most.   Despite being called the Mother of Beasts, there are some creatures that she has no ability to see through, such as those summoned or created. Most of the time, these creatures are ones born of fear, anger, or madness, though there are times when even something born of love cannot be seen by the Mother.   When she senses a life being taken needlessly over and over again, a constant greed by a person, you may just find your greed repaid in kind. Some farmers who went to bed with flocks of sheep and acres of grain awaken to find their grain dead and their sheep lost to the surrounding areas. Others have found their hunting lodges left torn and broken by stampedes of animals hurdling through the building.  

Sense of the People

  Those who believe in Aheia trust that her essence spread across the world will help guide them where they need to be, whether it be by stopping their horse from walking under where a tree would fall a moment later or by once lost animals finding their way back home when the time is right.   The most legendary tale of Aheia's ability to reward people comes in the form of the Beastshade, a story about a woman who was graced by the Mother of Beasts to continue her efforts in the love and protection of beasts across the Eight Lands. While it is mostly accepted as a tale of being able to do whatever you set your mind to, the story sits in the heart of those who hear it, wishing that they too can simply guide creatures like wolves and foxes from their livestock. There are those who even wish that they would be able to harness the power of dragons with the gift of the Beastshade, and some are foolish enough to try to do so.   Whether you believe in the story of the Beastshade or in the Mother of Beasts, there are countless eyes across the Eight Lands and countless more stories to be seen through them. Perhaps ask yourself, would you see gentleness in the eyes of a hungry bear, or would you only see a primal urge to hunt?
Divine Classification
Goddess of Beasts
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