Clockwork Dragon

"You know, people say you can see one of those clockwork dragons protecting the Golden Depths. I dunno if it's real, but if you were gonna see one, that's where it'd be, right?"
— Unknown

A Bimetallic Entity

  Where the old tale of letting sleeping dragons lie rings true, it says not what you should do about ticking dragons. Created by parties unknown, clockwork dragons have begun to be seen around the Eight Lands. Their tarnished outer body reflects a dull silver, their eyes a piercing white in an unblinking gaze.   Many people believe that these new dragons have been created by the many, many tinkerers in the Golden Depths, however none have laid claim to these immense inventions.   Seemingly spawned from nowhere, one might assume their appearance to be sleek and graceful, and while their movements are smooth and calculated, their bodies are dull, hammered, and look as if they have tumbled down a mountainside to reach their current state. They are not ugly, just not unlike a blade yet to be polished; constructed in full, but missing something.  

The Essence of Gears

  There has been many works of magicks in the Eight Lands over its thousands of years, however the creation of a power source capable of sustaining a dragon sized creature indefinitely has been beyond the many geniuses who have lived within the lands. Of course, no one has ever said as much publicly, as they all wish they would be the ones to manufacture such a device.   The few clockwork dragons that have been slain by groups testing their mettle against a new foe, and once they sustain enough damage, their power source seems to surge electricity across its body and dissipate, leaving an empty husk behind. The Magisterium has a bounty laid out to be collected by the first group to capture a clockwork dragon alive and bring it to them for study.
Average Height
Approx. 18 feet
Average Weight
90,000 lbs
Average Length
35 feet


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