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Venetan Peninsula

The Venetan peninsula is home to much of the River Lan and its outlying communities. Covered in Algren Forest the peninsula was once inhabited by the Vrolua, a race of giants, and many of the now disbanded masked clans of Telruin descent. At one time there were many towns and cities which dotted this landscape but they have been left to ruin after the crusades waged over the territory. Now Harnhold, Alsea, and Veneta are all that remain in the area.   This peninsula was of important significance to the Vrolua and scattered throughout the zone are many dens for the intelligent beasts of antiquity. Inside of their abandoned cave systems one can find smatterings of symbolic drawings of animals tied to the shamanic belief systems of the Masked Lords. But farther in and a different world opens up. Etched into the living rock, one can still find signs of the language of the Vrolua. The continent of Bheid was their home for thousands of years and their mark has been left upon it for future generations of peoples to discover.   At the northernmost tip of the Venetan peninsula is the volcano, Orthmyn. The active volcano still rumbles from time to time and is responsible for the black sands that run along the beaches of Veneta.   South of Orthmyn will take one to the city of Veneta. It's unclear whether the city or the peninsula was named first. Veneta is a city of fisherfolk and always has been but it is also the capital of the Sunlen Kingdom.   Follow the coastline southward and eventually one will find the castle of Harnhold. The castle sits among algren trees and like the city of Veneta, boasts its own bide stone. Harnhold used to be one of seventeen holds which populated the Venetan Peninsula. Now, it is the last remaining stronghold from those ancient days.   To the east of Harnhold is the city of Alsma. It is a port town, being the next to last port until boats inevitably sail northward to Varnac, Yurist, Almasanda, or Silveis. Alsma has no ancient history and is a relatively new city constructed by the Silveisean Suzerainty. It holds a fifth of all Silveisean ships and at one point was the center of their naval might during the height of the Wolf's War and the initial Silveisean invasion.   South of Alsma, runs the Lan River, the main tributary for the Venetan Peninsula. The river runs from the Iceclaw Range carrying with it pristine water. Due to the aftermath of the Wolf's War, these waters are essential to the way of life of the many lordless bannerfolk which now roam the countryside.


The Venetan Peninsula has no mountains and is a rather low lying countryside dotted with beautiful algren trees.


When Bheidh was settled by the Vrolua, the Venetan Peninsula was covered in extensive forests. Within these woods one can find all manner of black and brown bear, as well as grizzly and polar bears. The Venetan Fox, a large black fox is endemic to the region. Herons, badgers, hawks, voles, mice, there is no shortage of animal life on the continent of Bheidh, nor upon the Venetan Peninsula. Even a special type of salamander lives within the Lan River which is capable, according to legend, of starting fires using its tongue. Perhaps this is why the algren trees are impervious to fire damage.
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