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Masked Lords

The Masked Lords are a group of clan leaders that control the roving bannerfolk of the continent of Bheid. Ranging from the Venetan Peninsula to the Stonereach, the Masked Lords ruled over all of Bheid for almost 6,000 years. They are called Masked Lords for the masks of bone that they wear during their preparation of and participation in ancient bide stone rituals of their own design.   The Masked Lords stand in direct opposition to the Silveisean Empire and have fought in many battles against their nemesis. As their numbers have dwindled over the centuries their adherence to an old way of life is under constant threat of extinction.   The Masked Lords are in fact all of Telruin heritage and flaunt this in the face of their Silveisean oppressors. Of the hundreds of wars fought between the two sides, the Masked Lords have only ever won a paltry of victories. In the face of so much torment from the Silveiseans, the ten remaining lords of the Tarnished Age are the last of a dying breed with a history as old as stone.   Indeed of the thousand masked lords, only one percent remain to hold their honor intact against the continued Silveisean invasion. The faction is ill equipped to deal with such an onslaught from the country to the north.
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