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Harnhold Horse Mask

The bone masks of the masked lords are relics from the ancient past. They are used in rituals that involve bide stones. The Harnhold Horse mask is no exception. This mask is constructed from the fossilized skull of a horse and has been handed down to the Lord of Harnhold for countless centuries.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The mask is constructed of an ancient horse's skull adorned with oak leaves and acorns. Mounted on the inside is a small bide stone. The horse skull is decorated with silver solder and intricate carvings and inlay. The skull is missing its lower jawbone.


The history of the skull dates back to the beginning of the Masked Age. It is one of the first skull masks to ever be created by the masked lords. The lord of Harnhold has always been in possession of this mask. Its lower jawbone used to be attached. It was lost during a battle over the hold when it was stricken from the mask by the mace of Lord Monuo. The mask has been added to over the years, appending to the mask's already heavy weight.   The Lords of Harnhold only bring the mask out during rituals of special significance. Otherwise it remains in the crypt of Harnhold in a special area far from the sight of those that might try to steal it. When not wearing the mask, Lord Bralo is referred to as the Lord of Harnhold, or by the Lord's first name. The current Lord over Harnhold is Lord Davi.


Without the mask, the bannerfolk of Lord Bralo will not come to their aid. If the mask were ever lost to the lord of Harnhold, they would lose their bannerfolk a well. It is the object that they rally around and they drive strength from it and the wearer.
Item type
Religious / Ritualistic
Creation Date
5 MA
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
These masks are extremely rare.
The size of a horse's skull.
Base Price


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