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The Olna-nen live in the southernmost regions of Prominence, choosing to inhabit the icy climes of their forebears. They are an offshoot of the Olnic tribes of Canar, in the west, though a majority of their population now inhabits the continent of Bheid. In the past, the Olna-nen were the first tribe of folk to make contact with the Vrolua.   During their time in the west the Olna-nen helped to found such cities as Telk and Rose along with help from the Soan living in those cold and mountainous regions. After their migration eastward, they left these small cities to the Soan and have not looked back. Something about the cold weather invigorates the Olna-nen. They have been found in the iciest regions of Canar and Bheid, and it is rare to sight them living much farther north.    The majority of the Olna-nen live in a city named after themselves, Nen which can be found south of Harnhold upon the neck of the Venetan Peninsula. Look for them elsewhere these days and you may find one or two as far north as Veneta but never as far as Stonereach.    The Oln-nen are great hunters of the open wilderness. They herd reindeer and build sleds from any wood they can manage to source in the frozen south. In spite of the dismal weather, they seem to be rather at home, constructing their domiciles out of the surrounding ice.     The Olna-nen that live in the iceless regions of Bheid have learned to take over the old dens of the long vanished Vrolua. In these dens they have built trading posts wherein they sell the furs, oils, and bone which they harvest from the creatures they find in the frozen wastes. Though they live a simple way of life, they still manage to turn quite a profit selling their wares.
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