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Harnhold's history is as old as black stone. Having been little more than a trading post used by giants during the age of the Vrolua, the ugly keep held by the Harns, of Nenish descent, transformed into a sizable citadel during the Masked Age. Nestled in a forest of algren trees, the castle and outer walls sit upon a natural mound. Three sides of the citadel are surrounded by dense forest. The fourth wall opens out to the meager city of Harness.   In the summer when the snows have melted away and the algren trees stretch up towards the sky, Harnhold's beautiful, crisp towers can be seen from miles away. In the time when these towers were built, the great wars between the masked lords shook the countryside. The miracle of their construction is a testament to the efforts of ordinary countryfolk.   Harnhold's bide stone sits atop the mound on which the castle is built. It stretches out and up as a great claw pointing to the sky. The stone is well guarded by the lord of Harnhold and the current priest, Quri Nogan.   The hold lacks many amenities, but makes up for this in its defensibility. It has never fallen to an opposing force, though the territory has traded hands throughout the ages. The hold is now under the rule of Lord Davi, an observer of both the Abidement and of the ancient traditions.   A visit to Harnhold is best kept a brief affair. There isn't much to offer travelers here other than a place to rest and fresh venison for the table. There is the history of the place that is regaled in song often in the single tavern in Harness, but other than that there isn't much of a cultural tapestry available for visitors to Harnhold. Many look to the mound and wonder at the site of so much history lost to time though.


The site has had several owners, the Vrolua, and then it was held by the Olna-Nen; now the citadel's growth has brought with it new owners of Telruin heritage.


Feudalistic. A lord owns the land and hands down parcels of it to individuals of import.


The natural mound upon which the castle is built is its best defense system. The walls that crest the mound act as a secondary line of defense for foes that get too close.

Industry & Trade

They are mostly lumberjacks by trade and create all manner of things from the surrounding forest. The algren tree has special properties which allow for better carving and molding of the wood. Selling furniture, fire resistant shingles, and other things made out of wood is what this region is known for.


Harnhold's castle is a work of wonder, set atop a naturally defensible landscape and surrounded by thick fire resistant trees. The castle towers were built by the townsfolk of many years past.


There's a town, called Harness. There's also the castle of Harnhold. The town is too small to be subdivided into districts.


Harnhold stores lots of algren wood and ships this as its main export to other cities in the Sunlen Kingdom.

Guilds and Factions

The Priests of the Abidement and the Masked Lords are the two largest players in this small region. At this current time the two work in unison to help the people of Harnhold and there is not any disunity between the two groups. The nature of this odd relationship does not reflect reality in other towns and cities throughout Sunlen though.


Harnhold began as a small trading post held by the giants of Bheidh, before the continent was settled by men of the Oln-Nen and the Telruin. In those days, the giants formed a mound about a bide stone for ancient purposes not wholly understood and began trade. This practice continued undisturbed for many millennia until the arrival of the Nen peoples from Canar. These people were already hardened before their arrival into the land of the giants having traversed a hellish landscape of ice and snow. When they found the mound, they claimed it for their own and named it after their leader, Harn. At this time, the giants still used the mound as a place of cultural significance but they were welcoming of the Olna-nen as no men had travelled to the continent of Bheidh before this time. Many years passed between the two cultures and they learned to thrive together. A city was established at Harn, called Harness, and the people began to worship the bide stone in the same way that the giants did. Then the giants disappeared after the Howling leaving the people of Harness to fend for themselves.    Not long after the disappearance of the giants did the first wave of Telruin migration begin. Arriving from the islands of Alvado, Wendig, and Silveis, the Telruin peoples spread throughout the continent. They slaughtered the Olna-nen that stood in their way and took over their villages. This included the town of Harness. Not long after this, the wars between the Masked Lords began. The construction of the walls and the castle towers occurred during this time.
Founding Date
802 CE
2,000 people
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