Feudal Crab

Crustacean States under the sea.
  The warm blue waters of Indigo Cove seem calm and placid on the surface. However, beneath the gentle rippling waves the Crab kingdoms squabble over the rolling sand dunes, wide pastures of sea grass, and towering forests of kelp.   One of the more intelligent species of Prismaria, feudal crabs are named after the complex societies and fledgling nation states they have managed to carve out of the seabed.   Feudal crabs have a very strict and rigid caste system where role within the society is determined upon hatching from the egg. The kings of the submerged hill are the King crabs, fittingly enough. Meanwhile at the bottom of the social hierarchy are the Serfs.    

Serf Crab

  Small and unassuming crabs, at the bottom of the crustacean hierarchy are the serfs. Little more than peasants toiling on the parcels of seabed owned by their betters, Serf crabs form the bulk of the undersea labour force.   Individually small and weak, with soft shells and small pincers, Serfs crabs can still be dangerous in large numbers. King crabs commission large sand castles to protect themselves from uprisings, and large levies of Serfs can be raised in times of need.    


  The mighty pincers of the crab kingdoms, Crab-at-Arms are the soldiers and warriors. They enforce the will of their superiors and keep the diminutive Serfs in line.   With a hard carapace and oversized pincers, Crab-at-Arms can put up a viscous fight.    

King Crab

  The top of the crustacean hierarchy, these large and regal crabs rule from their undersea sand castles. Highly territorial and reasonably intelligent, the King crabs shape the geopolitical landscape of the Indigo Cove seabed.   When a King crab reaches adulthood, it molts out of its previous shell and gains a hard carapace with shiny protrusions on its head, reminiscent of a crown.    

Emperor Crab

  Very rarely, an especially large and imposing crab will emerge. Known as Emperor crabs, these regal crustaceans seek to unite the various independent crab kingdoms under their own rule. By diplomacy or by force, Emperor crabs will not rest until they've bought the aquatic territories of Indogo Cove under their claws.    

  Feudal crabs have few natural predators, but that does not mean they are safe from attack. Crabs with holdings right on the waterline at the edge of the beaches of Indigo Cove frequently become the targets of raids by the beach dwelling Nitro Crabs.
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Crab empires! That's really cool!   I would love to know a bit more about the crabs themselves, though. How big are they? How intelligent are they? How do their settlements look like? Is their society comparable with like a human society, or are they more like a super intelligent ant colony?   How is decided which crab falls into which caste? Is it just my genetics? Is there a way for a crab to ascend into a higher caste?

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Thank you! This is still very much a work in progress. I'll continue adding to it later.

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Aw, they have their own little society? That's rad, Dutrius! What a cool critter concept.

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Thank you!

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Nothing better than a good old crab kingdom. Seriously though, I love this article, its unique species and the social structure behind it. It gave me a buch of ideas, so I added it to my reading challenge ^^

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