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The Curse of Choice

Community Reading Challenge, Worldember 2021


Starting the year off with some amazing article reading, eh? This challenge comes in beyond handy, since I made it a goal for myself this month to empty out my Reading List. And while I probably wont get through it entirely, I received a ton of inspiring worldbuilding pieces that inspired me a tad bit more than the rest. Let's get started!

The Ten To Thrive

Mag Mell - Realm of the Fae

by Tillerz

Mag Mell is, well, an article I would normally have a heard time reading, since I love my short and original pieces of worldbuilding. However, I especially wanted to go for something new and a bit out of my comfort zone. This article really showed me, that longer articles, especially if structured beautifully, are just as fun, and maybe even more fun to read than shorter ones.


  • In my longer articles, a good structure is a must
  • pictures are needed to give context
  • Splitting up articles is not the only way to go


by nnie

Just an absolutely amazing and unique article on a language. I have always been fascinated by different ways to communicate, and the rhythmic nature of Celestial was such a well thought out idea that it was exactly what i was looking for in a great language. I love the attention to detail, even though no dictionary is given. The example of the "Healing Word" is also a cool spin on the otherwise plain spell.


  • Languages can be detailled without dictionary
  • There are many more ways to convey messages aside from plain speech
  • Think about difficulty to learn a language

Space Mithril Soul

by Sh4d0wPh03n1x

The Space Mithril Souls have touched me in a weird way that I can't really explain. Just something about soul types contributing to mental stability, unknown origins and different believes around the most vital part of the body hits my brain in all the right ways. Especially the different innovative religious beliefs sold me on the souls.


  • think about different religious views
  • try to link to examples
  • create myths around metaphysics


by Mochimanoban

A lot of articles have surprised me this WorldEmber. I think however, this one has surprised me in the most unique way. Blood is such a common and well established thing that it can often be hard to reimagine an already existing thing. Mochi did a great job here taking an everyday life thing and not rewrite its use, but build on top of it.


  • Ordinary things turn into unordinary awesomeness
  • Going off on tangents can create something amazing
  • Rewriting things must be believable


by Theiket

Honestly, Theikets articles were one of the most fun pieces of worldbuilding to read this month. Soulfood is such a great idea. Thei takes a literal food item and lets its primary use not be of nutritious, but of mental nature instead. The way this, and most of his articles are written is easy and fun to read. His creative headers are something I have already tried my hand at here and there, and I can't wait to read more on his work in the future.


  • Experiment with creative Headers
  • Take a concept and purposefully break it
  • There is art in simplicity

Writer's Dimension

by Mochimanoban

The Writer's Dimension might be my favourite article of this WorldEmber overall. It's not like the article was so beautifully structured, or had amazing art to go with it. The one thing it did have however, is a great idea and an even greater execution. The thought of an endless cycle of being created by a creator, and becoming a creator after death is just so interesting. The comfortable vibe of this realm, its different shops and landmarks really give the amazing idea its well deserved attention to detail.


  • Unique takes on a life after death
  • A place of wonders and, yet no myths exist
  • Concept of endless creation

How to use this UDS

by Eallixy

Eallixy published a wonderful world primer that I have yet to see on other worlds. The introduction to her world serves not as a "This is a brief history summary" type of primer, but rather acts as a sort of communication device, making it easy for the reader to immerse themselves in the world in an instant. I usually need a couple articles to decide if I want to follow a world or not, but this primer did its job, and has drawn me towards the follow button right from the get-go.


by Satrium

I did not have the pleasure of reading many traditions this WorldEmber. I think what sold me on the Arokush though was the little story snippet at the end of the article. Not only are Satriums articles generally very well structured and just a pleasure to look at, the Arokush in particular gave me just such a natural feeling, like "yeah, obviously they all march inside these ruins and fight for their lives".


  • Think about different snippets in articles
  • Traditions can have different long time stages
  • Example for well written dangerous tradition trope

Feudal Crab

by Dutrius

An aquatic sentient tribe/kingdom with social hierarchies and wars? Count me in! This article has changed my perspective on what lifeforms are possible to create. The detail that goes into, essentially, a subspecies of crabs is mindblowing. Not only did Dutrius create an entire underwater reign of crabs, they also created a rivalry subspecies in the same domain, essentially laying the groundworks for an entire potential historical timeline full of peace, war and prosperity, led by crab folk.


  • Sentient doesn't always have to be humanoid
  • The waters have action, just like above ground
  • Human concepts can be adapted to aquatic life


by Bonus Action

From crabs to mushrooms. There was no way that I could go around all the amazing fungi created this WorldEmber. This one however really caught my eye with its sentient take on the matter. The Fungrum are a helpful little lot that not only help their fellow shrooms to reproduce, they also befriend travellers, bond and adventure with them. These shy little creatures, paired with the amazing art really showed me how much can be done with a simple fungi.


  • Think of new ways to reproduce flora
  • Dabble in flora that talks/thinks
  • Not only critters and people can form tribes

Cover image: by ecl1psed


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