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Veria's Magical Clearing

With Orham Reinnard, Veria Gliss discovered a clearing in the forest near Guines. Needing a place away from people that they could safely practice and discover magic, the pair was excited to find the clearing and quickly began transforming it to meet their needs.   Initially, the clearing held little special. A single tree was transformed into a velvety-soft tree that exuded warmth, a spell cast by Orham to help Veria as she was pained by her broken foot. As the pair and their friends Dalin Gliss and Eima Hartiss visited the site more, more changes filled the space.   Eventually, it was a place only accessible to the four friends themselves. Anyone else that tried entering found themselves wandering around it or seeming to go through it, but never saw or interacted with it in any way. After Orham's death, as the last living member of the group, the clearing became lost to history.


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