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Berkhamite Symbology

With a scientific background and expectation, Berkham was the sole nation on Murriet that had any level of scientific appreciation for a couple of centuries. Even after science became accepted across the world after the conclusion of the Emswort/Berkham War in 496, it took years before the other nations began to fully embrace science again.   Beginning around the 6th century, people from Berkham embraced scientific symbology in their fashion and architectural details. This symbolism celebrated their history and the dark years they survived as it was them against the world.   Initially, this symbolism caused some small-scale conflicts as some Berkhamites flaunted their symbols as a reminder that they won the war. Some Emswortic people saw the symbols instead as the reminder that they had lost, and wanted to prove their superiority.   As science acceptance again spread, however, these fights quickly died out, leaving the symbols purely as a reminder of the honor and difficulties in their past.  

Example Symbols

Scientific Apparatus Jewelry

  • Flask-shaped Pendants
  • Decorative Monacles
  • Magnetic Bracelets
  • Prism Necklaces

Mathematical Symbology

  • Numbers sewn into clothing
  • Clasps fashioned as 0s, 8s, and infinities


Art & Architecture

Long tables historically used for scientific experiments are used as common decor in Berkham.


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