Demigod Desmos (a.k.a. The First Psion)

As the Demigod of Psionics, Desmos is worshiped as a benevolent ruler of the The Psi-Fields and all those who belong within them. A staunch protector, and watcher over his realm, he teaches those about self control, and mental fortitude. Meditation, cynisism, and humility are among his many teachings while probing the deepest depths of the mind.

As a demigod, Desmos is one of the few examples of living immortality, and is able to grant his powers to his worshipers in person. Non-believers believe him to actually be a devil, granting powers to warlocks from childhood instead of adulthood like many of his kind would have. Though this belief is shunned, as Desmos is considered part of The Pondarac Pantheon, and his followers, though few outside of his realm, are considered welcome members to global meetings in The Kingdom of Baal.

Divine Domains

Law, Protection, Community, Thought, Knowledge

Tenets of Faith

  1. The life of the many is worth more than the few.
  2. One must practice both the mind and body, to ensure that equilibrium is reached with the spirit.
  3. Never attack one of your kind, and never kill them.
  4. Protect the city to protect us all.
  5. Do not speak of our society to outsiders.
  6. Those with the gift are not outsiders.
  7. Pray every day.
  8. Sleep every night.
  9. Love all within the society.
  10. Change only within, while in our society.
  11. Never alter the fabric.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

As promised, Desmos wants nothing more than the protection of those who wish to remain under his study. Above all, he wants their protection and safety, and nothing could prevent him from this goal within his realm of The Psi-Fields.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In 213 in the springtime, a child was born in a small fishing village located in present day Ferramount City. His original name was forgotten to history, but today, we know him as Desmos. He was born like many other children in the city. He grew, and played as normal, but showed signs of arcane prowess, similar to that of those with dragon ancestors. His family was completely unaware of any special family traits that could have shown his peculiarity, but they were happy to have the child nonetheless.

They brought the child to the dragon lord of the north, Myvillion, a great dragon with greater knowledge of the surrounding world, and those who practice it. After studying the child, and his newfound abilities, Myvillion fled far away from the child to Anguish, fleeing for his life. To this day, not a single dragon has dared to enter the steel empire or its lands for fear of finding another that may dare follow the footsteps of this child.

More children like Desmos began to emerge. Flames would grow and die out sporadically. Items moving themselves long distances, or even snuffing themselves out of existence entirely. Each year this population of children grew, and formed their own communities. But Desmos was seen as an outcast, an outsider, and a heretic that gave away his soul at a young age to gain power over the world.

Desmos grew, and gathered these children underneeth his wing to help protect them. As his steely gaze was effort enough to quell even the angriest assailant. And it was under him that these children flourished, and discovered the powers of Psychic mastery. Though these children flourished, their powers started to grow out of control, and dangerous for many. Though records are incomplete, it is assumed that entire family lines were simply erased from reality, never to be seen again.

From this, Desmos took exception to his followers, and on 233, he found the answer he was looking for. Instead of trying to defend everything around him, he would instead defend a single point of entry, no matter where in the world his gaze would wander. He turned his sights inward for but a brief moment, expanding the vast recesses of his own mind to create a paradise of imagination, and opened a portal to this realm where he and his followers would be able to flourish, and harm none.

From this realm, he created a protectorate, from the outside world who wished them harm. He formed a specialized role of soldiers called, 'Psi Blades' by those without culture or understanding. Within the Psi-Fields they were instead called the Ani Gladus. More akin to Psychic Gladiators than Psionicists themselves, the Ani Gladus swore to protect the realm from outside intrusion.

This was a time of great peace for Desmos, who found that the realm he created prevented his own aging, and allowed him the peace of mind to practice his psionic powers freely, and without intrusion. But without intrusion only lasted for so long. In 275, strange abominations started to appear throughout the Psi-Fields. Gross monstrosities that would be better to be called unnatural and grotesque, than any creature upon Pondera. After two years of fighting these creatures, and intense study by Desmos, he found the cause of these creatures.

Psychic Drip, was a slow burn of psychic energy caused by loose emotions or unstable personalities. This slow burn would spread to the outskirts of imagination itself, and the Psi-fields, and create a complex combination of creatures, just barely standing tall enough to survive the process, and in more cases than not, would survive to attack anything living around it. It was purely the people he was sworn to protect that drove the monsters towards them, and they needed to control their powers even more.

The Ani Gladus grew tenfold, and fought back the creatures on the outskirts of society, allowing Desmos to teach his pupils, and those of the society he helped to build, on how to best control and maintain their powers. He set forth laws for his land, that if followed, guaranteed their protection. He showed them the dangers of the outside world, and swore to keep everyone within safe, no matter what. Though fearful of these laws, and many who were unhappy with them left, those who remained were greatly appreciative of Desmos, and began to gift him with trinkets and baubles. New experiences were formed, and new powers were discovered, and taught to those with the willpower and determination to perform.

Desmos found himself ruling over all as a benevolent watcher, no longer needing sustenance or council, he merely watched over all, and still does to this day, allowing his society to grow, and stepping in only when necessary.

Desmos Holy Symbol by Erik Baldassano
Divine Classification
Year of Birth
213 AC 412 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
It is believed that Venichis laid his hand upon the newborns head while his parents were not looking. Discovering this new source of power in the process. These rumors are unfounded.
Ruled Locations


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