In the depths of oceans, vast and monstrous beings lie. Farther into the depths than any mortal dare tread lie dormant the Aboleth. Massive controllers of monstrous deities long forgotten by all but those who remember all which happened before, and who never die. Aboleths are to be feared, respected, and avoided at all costs by those who know of them. Prey you do not fall victim, to the rulers of the dark depths of the water.

Basic Information


Fish-like amphibians of immense size, this species resembles a large eel, with tube like bodies. Alongside that, Aboleths posess a tail, and two fins near their head, and one along their spine. Though some aboleths have them in slightly different variations, just behind an aboleths head also sprout four long tentacles.

Genetics and Reproduction

Aboleths are asexual, and contain both male and female genetalia. They will lay eggs once every five years, which will hatch after 6 months, with the full capabilities and memories of the aboleth other than its psionic powers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Allthough an aboleth is considered fully formed by the time they are born, usually 1-3 at a time, they have no proper way to defend themselves until they reach 10 years old. Over the next 100 years, they grow until they reach gargantuan size, which unlocks the majority of their power. During this time, they maintain their own memories and the memories of every aboleth before them. But it is only when they reach 10 years of age that they gain their psionic powers.

Ecology and Habitats

Aboleths live underwater. Though there are sub-species of land dwelling and aerial aboleths, they primarily live in the water and nearly ruin any aquatic environment they are in in order to properly maintain it for their own habitation.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Aboleths are carnivores,and though they can absorb nutrients through their mucus membranes, in the form of algee and smaller animals, they prefer to eat intelligent creatures, and see their mucus consumption as a desperate measure above all else.

Aboleths do have preferences for food, even though they can eat any creature. They prefer humanoids, who taste even more delectable after the slime from their tentacles softens the flesh. A single medium sized creature can easily sustain an aboleth for a month or longer, and any intelligent creature they can gain flashes of memories or emotions from the creature they are digesting. They consider this an absolute delicacy, and the height of culinary experience.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Though most aboleths are solitary creatures, in many cases, they will form together into broods or even entire societies, though the latter is extremely rare.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Thanks to their aquatic properties, aboleths are extremely useful for creating magic items made specifically for underwater use, or even enhance potions of water breathing to persist for longer.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Aboleths, due to their need of water, can be found anywhere throughout the world in an aquatic environment, however, they prefer to be in darkness in caves, and are found predominantly in the underdark.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Aboleths have 3 eyes, one stacked atop the other, which can see in normal light, or through darkness without issue. They also contain Psionic powers, allowing them to mentally dominate someone within 30 feet of their position.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Aboleths have two different ways of communication. Either through their own complex language of Aboleth, or via transmitting thoughts directly into the minds of intelligent creatures using psionics.


As original inhabitants of The Farlands , Aboleths are known as Aberrations. They do not belong in the natural world, yet have found their place within it. The history of Aboleths is extrodinary to say the least, where there are 15 different versions of aboleth history, each one attributing to a different family line of Aboleths, who argue when and where the world started. All agree that it was before the time of existance, and some claim to have come from different worlds.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

For aboleths, there are 3 kinds of non aboleths. Those who will be controlled, Those who are to be fed upon, and those who are to be feared. It is very rare to find the ones who are to be feared, and yet, they are known for it being so.


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