After The conflagration was deflected by the shield created by Erias Lundell, the vast majority of the stars of the Mage constellation, impacted at a lower speed against the north and south part of the world. The part of the swarm that was deflected toward south impacted against a mountain range causing them to sink and getting swallowed by the sea creating the Saynué, a Saythian word that means Foggy Sea. The name derives from the fact that the underwater volcanoes, actived by the impact with the asteroids, constantly produce a massive amount of vapor that swirls over the surface of the sea, making it very hard to orientate and avoid the scattered rocky shoals.
by Luca Poddighe


The Saynué is situated about 60-65 miles south of the southern coast of Phaldorya. The limit between the Saynué and the Gulf of Saythian is loosely dermarked as new volcanoes erupt and seal underwater on the borders of the Saynué, making it change through the years. In the middle of the Saynué there is an archipelagus that pirates have used as a base for centuries and that, although the Navy has tried, has never being successfully attacked.

Fauna & Flora

The sulfuric waters of the Saynué grant habitat to a number of sea species that have adapted to this peculiar enviroment. Between the multiple species that are endemic of this sea there are the Minycardita maxima and the Bulinus Saynuaris, two mollusks that are used to produce Beyz and Cyanor, the dragon-eel and the shadow-shark, two creatures that according to the legends have acquired magic powers from the conflagration. In terms of flora, as well, the Saynué it's equally peculiar with the Leontopodium marinum and the Rosa marina, two plants that used to grow spontaneously on the mountain but have managed to adapt to underwater life thanks to the impollination granted by the fishes that populate the shallow waters of the coral reefs.
by Luca Poddighe
Alternative Name(s)
Forbidden Sea
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