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Origamic Engines


Direction Change

Prior basic designs require the entire craft to orientate its thrusters in the opposite direction from where they intend to go.
The idea was to especially mount two space engines by the front end and wielding the operating compartments at the middle.
When one end is active, the other is not. When the pilot intends to slow down, they switch the activation. However, the usefulness of this design is limited to two directions inside a plane, which is not as far as an advantage in three dimensional space. Though it has been argued, by its initial designers, that smaller thrusters along the hull have half the work to do in order to position the whole spacecraft along any plane.


Power Center

The meeting point between the two engines contains one or more reactors capable to directing its energy towards either end.  

Stretchable Outlets

The inactive ends are programed to contract as tightly as possible and serve as additional shielding for the reactor behind it. Contrastly, the active ends expand to match their demanded output.  


These types of engines are not typically seen on large crafts.   Personal and service ships that skim in-between fleets have less of a regular need for maintenance as the wear is divided between the two engine sets. Crafts built around this configuration are very good at changing their direction very quickly.   However, they are not as fast as comparably sized crafts, are not very resource efficient nor will a basic plan have much room for advance weapons systems.  

Biker Line

It is most common to see a single line set with a single seater chassis fitted atop the middle and direct control of the reactor.


Even rarer, are the single sculls with two origamic engines off mounted at the sides (meaning four engines in total) with one person or a small crew in control.

Alternate Names
Double Engines
The first double engine was first conceptualized in the virtual world by thetían children parked at Dyson.
Access & Availability
Easily manufacturable with any pair of basic engines
The engineering structures that make up the trust-end contract and subsequently expand for spatial and functional reasons depending on which end is engaged.
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