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Omniversal Mind


The omniversal mind exists everywhere, anywhere, all at once. Wherever an abstract event can occur, it is there.
— Time Mage
The omniversal mind provides the ultimate preservation of information. The reverse electron imprinting on protoplasm was, in fact, the first indicator of this presence. Though no one species was able to truely discover this on their own, without intervention from the Kampoi.   What makes it so incredible is that in a dimension where time travel is easy, where being 'forgotten' is possible and where timelines can apparently be rerouted; everything is still remembered.   In a paraphrasing of the term "preservation of information": nothing can be truly destroyed. The knowledge contained is always accessible in ways that the being can comprehend. For humans, it most oftentimes manifests as an old-books-on-shelves library. If beings with an unrelated perception attempt to enter the place at the same time, then the Mind becomes a mutually incomprehensible mess of lights and solid platforms.


It is in the reverse nature of protoplasm that such information can be left behind. No matter what.   Or so we think.
Everywhere in the ether, everyone has their own little library containing data pertinent to them. The Mind bends itself into a small, but infinite, pocket dimension that can easily entrap anyone who is too relaxed, absent-minded or hyper; and can keep them perusing forever. And thus, never the leave the omniversal mind.
It is simple enough to avoid. But the danger is there. Like it's alive and luring you in with your own desire.   Look at me. I cannot help you. Everyone enters or leaves on their own will and by their own power. Think about what you want and focus on just that. Look to the exist and start walking.
— Wyborn giving advise to a newbie princess

Metaphysical, Arcane
Building / Landmark | Jun 14, 2024

Cover image: Mindscape Sunrise by Chris Tamblin


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