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The village lies at the southwestern coast of Romaya, close to the capital city of Alencia. The villagers are orcs that are natives of the land and have lived among its wildlife, including the Gazehounds, for many centuries. Given their bond with nature, they've started to breed and train Gazehounds for those who don't have the time to do so themselves. They taught the first settlers what crops would thrive on the continent and showed them where the best places to grow them were. Due to their helpful nature, King Daldren Stormthorn has put protections on their village, making them an official part of the network of settlements all across Romaya.   Misthallow itself is sparse on natural resources due to them being situated on the hilltops, so they rely on the sea for fishing, as well as their hunting parties that travel to the thicker forests in the region. They have months worth of food stored away to prevent food shortages if the hunting party hasn't returned within a week or two. Included in the storage is cured and salted meats, dried beans, and dried corn that can be made into pudding or soup.


The village belongs to a tribe of orcs that are native to the continent. While other races have settled in the village over time, the predominant race of Misthallow are orcs and half-orcs. The next most common race is humans. Professions include weavers, potters, farmers, and hunters.


There aren't established defenses around the village, but they do have villagers trained in combat who patrol the perimeter in shifts. Their gazehounds join them on these watches and are trained to eradicate any threats to the mistonians.

Industry & Trade

The village of Misthallow has many expert weavers among its people and as such, it has become a small trade hub for textiles. Orbweavers, as they're called, take great pride in the work. No fabric leaves their village if a single knot or thread is out of place. Their textiles are known for their bright, vibrant colors that are reminiscent of tropical sunsets or the summer sky. Pinks, purples, oranges, blues, and greens are their favorite colors to work with. If commissioned, the Orbweavers will work with anything so long as its quality is up to their standards.   Besides textiles, the village is also a source for intricate and ornate jewelry. Their jewelry is predominately made with colorful beads, small gemstones, and animal bones. Such works are popular with hunters who pass through the area, who then go on to pass along Misthallow's whereabouts if someone is looking for skilled artistry. Breeding and selling Gazehounds brings money into the village as well due to their popularity as guard dogs.


Dry stone, beehive shaped huts sit on the surface of the village. They connect to one another via a stone wall that runs between them all. These huts have a single room, but are quite spacious on the inside. Some of them are large enough to have a mezzanine within their walls, making them perfect for the larger families in Misthallow. Other residential huts are carved right into the hillside as an orri styled living space.   These homes are only able to fit a single person or two, though anything beyond that will leave the space cramped. Jewelry makers love to reside in these huts because of the privacy it provides while they're crafting.


The village is situated on lush, green hills that are sparsely dotted with trees. The open fields are used for livestock, as well as crops of leafy green vegetables, corn, and beans.
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Green Hills, Foggy Shores
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