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A coastal city on the western shores of Romaya and almost entirely surrounded by the mountainsides of the Lulencia Mountains. The city got its start as a mining town due to the numerous caves that lead into the inner portions of the mountain. Efforts have been made to clear out more tunnels for coal mining, but the further the miners push, the more dangerous it gets. Mining is still a common profession among the city's population, but Belisa itself has become a merchant city and a tourist trap.   Leadership of Belisa belongs to the wealthiest merchant, but there hasn't been a change of power in over thirty years. A dwarven textile merchant, Edielle Kardish, currently rules the city. She appears to a competent, fair leader with good relations with the merchant guilds overseas, but the length of her reign has been called into question often. Some believe that she's sabotaging her competition in order to maintain her status as the leader, but others think it's due to her skill as a businesswoman rather than conspiracy theories.   Most of Belisa's population is dwarves and gnomes, though in the past few decades, there's been more and more elves settling in the area. This is due to the Liosduin Bhearna attempting to create colonies of their own to take advantage of Romaya's natural resources, though all of their attempts thus far have failed. They offered to buy the city outright and when Edielle and the Kingdom of Alencia refused, they threatened to go to war. With an enemy invasion now possible, military presence within Belisa has grown substantially.   The general public has grown paranoid and distrusts the elves among them, often leading to discrimination and violence against them. Due to fears of potential spies hiding among her people, Edielle has ordered that all elves are to be rounded up to await deportation.


55% dwarf   26% gnome   15% human   4% other

Industry & Trade

Belisa has managed to stay afloat due to its coal mines and opal mines.

Natural Resources

Fish, opals, coal,  soil,  timber,  limestone,  titanium,  and oil.
Alternative Name(s)
Blackwater Beach
Large city
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