The Librarian

The Librarian is a title given to the highest ranking arcane clerk within the The Grand Archives . The duties of the Librarian include attaining and maintaining the contents of the The Vaults which is beneath the Grand Archives. Chosen from among the clerks in The Vaults, the Librarian is the highest rank a commoner can attain and still be invisible to most of the nobility. This is probably because the appointing of the Librarian is ultimately the choice of The Vaults and determined within the Chamber of Gates. To be the Librarian, the chosen must be able to convince the room to create a heart stone. Combining magical training with a natural ability to empathize with something that is not sentient is very difficult to do, which is why those who become the Librarian hold that position for life.   Besides overseeing the other clerks, the Librarian is in charge of the contents of The Vaults. From having them catalogued and mapped, the latter important as The Vaults will move things on its own, to aquiring new additions. Acquisitions was accepting the delivery if donations from the High Guild of Magic magi orders. It was not until Sainted Father Duno Deerwest and his Brethren that acquisitions took on an extra, and far more secret, dimension. In addition to their search to find a way to stop the L'Ahnz, the Brethren continued combating demons and evil magics. All Librarians after Father Duno have not only been members of the Brethren, but the leaders of the secret group.
THE LAST LIBRARIAN   The last Librarian was Thimys Fairchild, an old, old man at the time of The End Of Instant . It was he who managed to complete Father Duno's goal of having The Vaults save the world by destroying the Gateway and hiding. This work is still as secret as the Brethren who are now scattered around the world. They are no longer so fiercely focused on the L'Ahnz, returning to the main cause of the Brotherhood from which they all came from.   But, The End of Instant was not the end of the Last Librarian. He and his grandson, who was exceedingly well trained as a Brethren and a clerk of the vaults for his, had prepared for the great calamity. With them, they took one hearts stone. As it was not yet planted, The Vaults did not destroy it. Even better, as the only one who crafted the heart stones, the Last Librarian made sure there were no other heart stones out in the world.   Does this mean there will be a return of the Gateway? The world may never know.
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