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Peypey and JuJu


Just where Peypey and JuJu came from has been lost in history with help from the The Librarian.   At the time, it had been vitally important to hide the last two gur from the purge the High Guild of Magic was carrying out in its bid to force the world to kneel to it as the only guild of magic.   Admittedly, there were a great many other things the Librarian secreted away during that time and the gur eggs were quickly lost to all but successor Librarians who happened to read about it in log books handed down with the position.
by stux

Thimys Fairchild, Librarian

          That he was the Librarian was not very well known, or cared to be known, beyond the Vaults beneath The Grand Archives.           That he had other even more secret duties was something he shared with no one else. Choosing his successor was also not something he had a hand in, either.           The shock of learning his successor would be his grandson Fawkes, who was only twelve years old, prompted Thimys to take desperate measures.
"I need you two to keep him safe. You will have to use your own judgements. I will not always be there for you or for him." Thimys sucked in a worried breath.   "I love that boy," his voice cracked and he cleared his throat. "I would give ANYTHING for this to not fall upon him, but that is not possible. I beg of you two to accept the burden of life to protect him."   Flashes of blue, green, red, and purple danced throguh the runes otherwise hidden on the eggs.   "Yes, he will play your games and figure out your tricks to hatching." Thimys smiled and picked up the eggs. "I just won't tell him its a game."

Fawkes Fairchild

It took two years for Fawkes L. H. Fairchild to figure out how to hatch the eggs.   He had worked very hard to find what little had been written about the strange eggs his grandfather had told him were his final test to prove himself ready for the trials of enlightenment so he could become an acolyte.   He was shocked when two roly poly male puppies came out of the eggs.   Delight and wonder filled him and, in a rare moment, he forgot all about his training and need to be proper as he reverted to the child he still was and hugged the puppies that wagged their tails and licked his face.
"I don't care that the scrolls say you already have names," Fawkes told the puppies. "I am learning to be an Acolyte of Boki. She is the goddess of secrets."   He hugged both puppies again.   "I am supposed to keep all this acolyte stuff secret just to be safe," he eventually continued. "You can keeps those names as your secrets."   The puppies licked his face, wagging their tails. Fawkes laughed.   "I name you PeyPey and JuJu."

Life In Blackstone


Town and Keelboat

PeyPey and JuJu grew as all dogs do and serve fawkes as eternally loyals guards full of fun and love for their boy. Being the more mellow of the two, PeyPey has taken to being the home guard who will protect The Gosling, a keelboat which serves Fawkes as his home as well as means of travel. JuJu is far more energetic and outgoing and he has taken on the role of personal bodyguard, making sure he is always along no matter where Fawkes goes.   With the murder of Fawkes's Grandfather and the crew of the Gosling, it has become more important than ever for the special dogs to protect their beloved boy and his home.
They have also taken on other duties like making sure he sure he awakes on time for the things he wants to do.  
Wet tongues splashing his face woke Fawkes.   Muttering dire threats at the two culprits as he got dressed earned him nothing more than panted laughs and wagging tails.

Gur Talk

  Communicating with Fawkes was more challenging as they could not simply touch him and share their thoughts with him as they did each other. They used body language and dog noises to get their meaning across.  
When Fawkes turned back around, JuJu was holding his empty bowl in his mouth and PeyPey had an empty basket in his.   "PeyPey, that is not your bowl."   "Rrrrrr."   PeyPey stepped out of the cabin and thumped a paw against a barrel.   Fawkes opened the barrel. There was just enough in there to fill their bowls.   PeyPey swung the basket against Fawkes' leg. Fawkes huffed out a breath but patted the dog.   "Yes, today will be a shopping day," he promised.


  Trouble with The Hand, a gang of thieves who reached all over the kingdom and claimed Blackstone as theirs, turned bloody in Blackstone. JuJu even had to bury the body of a Hand in the woods. A wild desperate fight at the docks saw the Gosling sail out of Blackstone with Shyri and Thimmy Cragjumper aboard and Fawkes unharmed, the later all that PeyPey and JuJu cared about.   Now they sail on to new adventures. Together.
Rrrrrr .... zzzzz.
Gur Male 5yrs old (this time)   350lbs, 42" tall at the shoulders   Dark gold and deep brown striped fur. (A pattern called brindle)

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Cover image: by jw432
Character Portrait image: Gur by thevalkyri


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