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A greater beast born from a baboon; he is dark brown in color with grey streaks, and a patch of rough hair going from the nape of his neck around his face like a beard. He leads a troop in the savannah of the southern continent, Opreunox. Terrestrial, but sleeping in the trees for safety, he is a diurnal omnivorous scavenger and highly opportunistic eater. He'll eat almost anything from grasses and seeds, roots, leaves, bark, fruit, insects, fish, rats, birds, monkeys, and other small animals.    He mostly keeps to himself and avoids human settlements but does interact on occasion with the locals. They avoid his territory if at all possible.

Physical Description

Body Features

He has longer arms than legs, with a tail equal in length to his height.

Facial Features

He has a long dog-like muzzle with powerful jaws, sharp canine teeth, and close-set eyes.

Special abilities

Abnormally strong and fast with a slow regenerative healing ability. He can smell vita and its use as well as see the patterns of the weave. He can also elongate his limbs and tail to more than double their usual size. With his stare, he can confuse the senses of approaching predators. Disorienting them with blurred or double vision, pounding headaches, and drumming in the ears. They can remain dazed or stunned for an hour after exposure. While holding the gaze he can drain small amounts of vita directly from the ensnared.
Current Location
Large violet eyes, rimmed in yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown fur covers most of his body
5 ft. tall
100 lbs.


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