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Barfon Culadum


  1. Earl: Leader of the county, head of the royal family.
  2. Count: Leader of a province, and head of a greater noble family.
  3. Viscount: Leader of a shire, and head of a lesser noble family.
  4. Thane: Leader of a fief, head of a gentry family.
  5. Landman: Runs an estate, member of the gentry.
  6. Marchman: Member of the aristocracy. Serve at all levels of government.
The noble families all have representatives in the Barfon Council, chosen by the heads of said families. Among other powers, the Barfon Council makes all laws, declares war, regulates inter-province and foreign commerce, and controls taxation and expenditures. The laws are enforced by the Oak Order, a group of knights who swear loyalty directly to the earl and his household. They command at all levels within the army and town guard. Cities maintain their own guard and are assigned a knight from the order to lead them. Magistrates chosen by the counts interpret the law and hear claims and grievances on their behalf from a courthouse in a city. Every city has five magistrates appointed to serve for a week at a time. Any who wish to have a case heard must make the trip to the city that covers their jurisdiction. Cities have aristocratic councils governing their affairs, led by a mayor chosen from the gentry.

Public Agenda

To protect and maintain its citizens and holdings. Pave, repair, and secure roads. Dig wells and sewage/ drainage ditches. Provide security from bandits and invasion. Build, maintain, and secure bridges and ports. Provide courts for high and low justice. Maintain birth/ death records and citizen rolls. Enforce construction standards on homes. Mint coins and catch counterfeiters. Ensure doctors and priests make their rounds. Ensure skilled labor jobs are filled (carpenter, smith, weaver, glazer, etc.) Guard against disasters such as famine, fire, flood, and disease. Provide a mill, either wind or water. Provide grounds and security for fairs.


Each province provides a battalion for the oak order. With each shire being required to provide a banner to their battalion.

Agriculture & Industry

Great farming estates produce oats, maize, barley, and various other grains. Brown and broad beans, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, yams, beets, melons, purple grapes, hot peppers, and more feed this region and the neighboring ones. Flax made linens are popular and produced at large scale. This is the breadbasket of the Arres people.
Geopolitical, County / March
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
The Femun is the official coinage and is accepted in all the lands in Studpreox. There are four denominations regardless of material: usually bronze, copper, silver, and gold. The femun (1), lifemun (2), clearfemun (3), and cofemun (4). These coins are stamped with an oak.
Official State Religion
Official Languages
Related Traditions
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
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