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"Welcome to Syfa. I am your Personal Artificial Assistant, and I look forward to helping you however I can. Please be aware that all interactions will be recorded by Peacekeeper Command in line with Law 118735.11-Delta.   That's all of the formalities out of the way. Now that I've introduced myself, what's your name?"  
— Standard Syfa opening speech
  Syfa is a form of KodeX A.I. system which can be installed on many different Alliance-approved devices. It is known as Syfa when it comes preinstalled in its own case, designed to be pocket-sized and easy to carry around.


Syfa was developed by Peacekeeper Efficiency as a way to sell their KodeX system initially to other planets who didn't have devices advanced enough to sign up for the contractual model for the A.I. While this had some success, a greater need came from students, particularly those attending Peacekeeper Academy who typically didn't have advanced enough devices for the full KodeX set up either.  


Syfa is technically an A.G.I. (Artificial General Intelligence) meaning it has the ability to learn, perceive, understand and adapt. It is capable of building on its own competencies and is capable of forming connections without extensive data libraries to learn from. Everything Syfa learns and records is fed back to a super system within Peacekeeper Efficiency to help with future developments.   There are limitations in place and fail-safes are built into Syfa's neural network in order to prevent adverse or dangerous behaviours.  


Syfa is a personal assistant and is capable of doing anything that a person acting in that role would do, but much faster. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Responding to messages
  • Placing orders
  • Connecting to and controlling compatible devices
  • Recording dictations and repeating them back
  • Research and problem solving
  • Scheduling and planning

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Culture Peacekeeper,Majoran, Pachian
Locations P'Ache Major, P'Ache Solar System, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
3in x 2in


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