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Hoof Pick

"Hooking every day keeps the grit bugs away."  
— Borer Proverb
  A hoof pick is a tool used by the Borer to remove dirt and mud from their hooves and the deep creases on their hands.  


Traditionally they have a thin piece of metal on one end, known as "the pick", and a brush on the other. The pick is used first for getting anything out of the grooves and crevices, and then the brush to buff up the hoof.  


The Borer use their hoof picks regularly, most at least once a day usually at the end of the day. There is sometimes a joking banter between Borer about how often they use their hoof pick which relates generally to cleanliness. For example, "he looks like he's lost his hoof pick" would suggest a male Borer who hadn't cleaned himself in several weeks.  


Hoof Picks are available in all good stores which sell to Borer. Most Borer have a type or brand of hoof pick which they prefer, some focusing on the bristles of the brush while others want a specific shape for the pick. A well looked-after hoof pick can last for up to five years, but most last one to two years.

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Culture Borer, Peacekeeper
Locations Tribor, The Primary Territories, Peacekeeper Territories
Item type
6 oz
6 in


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