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Knives of the Dawn

The acts hidden in darkness will be revealed by the dawn.

The Knives of the Dawn is an organization diametrically opposed to the Emperor's Shadow.


The safest place to be is inside the enemy's den.

Words of the Mad

The Knives of the Dawn operate within the extent and the provinces/countries bordering the Amiro Empire. Of the bordering states the The Second Stonebrook Dynasty and the City of Spores have the greatest concentration of activity from the Knives of the Dawn but they take an interest in all of the Amiro Empire's activities in the north.

Although the Knives of the Dawn are spread across such a wide area, their heart is in the center of the Amiro Empire, just outside of Alturn. The exact location of this base is a well kept secret known only to a few trusted members.


A single truth can destroy a forest of lies.

Saying of the Knives of the Dawn

  1. The primary aim of the Knives of the Dawn is to defeat the expansionism of the Amiro Empire. It is the only way to guarantee the safety of the surrounding countries from the terrors of the Emperor's Shadow and brutality they bring with them.

  2. The second objective of the Knives of the Dawn is to defeat corruption within the empire. If corrupt officials were turned over to the light or removed from positions of influence it would be easier to bring about a total conversion of the people. To defeat the Emperor's Shadow will require the support of everyone within the empire.

  3. The third objective of the Knives of the Dawn is to inform the population of the horrors of the Emperor's Shadow. They have approached this largely through facilitating short stories and other works (Like Aust Two-stabbed) that tend to be quickly outlawed within the empire. They also work on spreading rumors that the Shadows have been corrupted and no longer serve the good of the people, being largely composed of bullies, brigands, and monsters that want to devour the empire one brain at a time.

The light is stronger then a shadow

Illicit, Rebel
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Notable Members

Antwine Sildor

Antwine is the current leader of the Knives of the Dawn. Found by Lucian Galanodel in the streets of Alturn, he has slowly risen through the ranks of Amiron society. Being an elf with a fair complexion but quiet demeanor he has, so far, remained outside the sight of the Emperor's Shadow. He took over leadership of the Knives of the Dawn in 2359 AC after Lucian Galanodel's death. He is now the Lord of Communications, coordinating the communication circles within the Amiro Empire, a position that greatly aids his ability to influence the Empire's actions.
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