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Dawnmist Ring

You will known him by the ring on his finger, a simple circlet of cloudy grey iron. Should he speak a single word you shall know them to be false.

Anonymous letter left under a
stone at the Greenhearth crossroads


The Dawnmist ring was crafted by Lucian Galanodel in the years following the exploits of the Coal Crushers in the north of Tangearin. Lucian, having been tracked since leaving the Emperor's Shadow in 2324 AC, needed to obtain a means of obscuring his whereabouts. The ring was forged from a combination of cold iron and chaos dust, forming a strong protection against magic of divinatory nature.

When Lucian formed the Knives of the Dawn his ring became his symbol of authority. Only the Dawn Bringer has the authority to wear the ring and it was passed to each of their successors.
by Arimel using Midjourney


The Dawnmist ring was designed to act as its namesake, to obscure its wearer from detection like a mist. It protects against all forms of divination although physical sight can still detect the wearer. Additionally, the ring has a limited capability to overcome illusions and other magical disguises.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Creation Date
2329 AC
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