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Sending is the process Sent go through, one where their Soul is transfered in a different body in a different place after their initial death, thus being given a second chance at life.


A Sending has three parts to it.

  • First comes death.
  • Then the Welcome.
  • And lastly the Sending proper.
  • The Death
    Explicit. The participants perished in the Old World one way or another. There have been no exact limit to what cause would warrant a Sending, though a shared death around a close time period was observed, such as people who perished during the sacking of a city or a gruesome battle, others died in droves to a highly lethal disease. Few are those who perished of old age or accident, but they nonetheless number among the recorded First Sent.  
    The Welcome
    The dead participants open their eyes and are welcomed in the Sender's alledged Haven. There are differing experiences to their encounter, even between First Sent of the same species who allegedly met the same Sender. Some reports confirmed that different species have a different Sender assigned to their case. Despite decades of alterations to its actual proceedings, some key proceedings have been recouped over the years.
    • The deceased persons appear in an immense chamber along with similarily fallen people. The processed are etherial and can only interact with the floor, as they can't even touch themselves anymore, their fingers disappearing during the attempts as if passing through dense fume.

    • Only a single Sender is present to oversee the chosen participants, no matter how many of them are present at once. If there were cases were multiple Senders welcomed the chosen, those instances were never recorded. The theorized Sent would have kept quiet about it.
    • The Sender gives an explanation of the process, the fluidity of which is inconsistent depending on the Sender involved, but they all seemed to await signs of understanding from their charge.
    • Then, the Sender activites a process, and the spirits are sucked into a strange fog as part of the last phase.
    The Sending
    There are no records of anybody recalling exactly what happens as they are absorbed into the strange threshold. Some say everything goes dark in much the same as when they perished. When they wake up, they are in new physical bodies, and need to start surviving their new environment.


    Sending is theorized to be exclusive to Orbido as well whatever possible realm the Senders may be the custodians of. However, some speculate that perhaps the famous geniuses and great conquerors from the Old World were in fact Sent who were adept at hiding their true nature. As there is no way to disprove such theories, the discourse is for all instance and purpose pointless.

    Metaphysical, Psychic

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